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  1) What forms of payment do you accept?
  2) Why Yi's Karate of Cherry Hill over other schools in the area?
  3) Do you offer trial programs?
  4) How much will it cost after the trial program?
  5) How often do students attend class?
  6) What is your class schedule for Children?
  7) What is your class schedule for Adults?
  8) Is one martial art better than any other? Which is best & how do I choose?
  9) When can I or my child get started? Are there “sessions” and when do they begin?
  10) My child is already involved in other activities, can you convince us to add martial arts?
  11) Will enrolling my child in your program turn them into a bully or make them more aggressive?
  12) Does an adult need to get in shape or lose those "extra pounds" before getting started?
  13) How do I get started?

What forms of payment do you accept?    (top)
We accept Cash, Checks, Debit Cards, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.



Why Yi's Karate of Cherry Hill over other schools in the area?    (top)
There are a multitude of reasons we could list, but here are just a few:

Since 1974 Yi's Karate Cherry Hill has been improving lives in the Cherry Hill area through our special one of a kind personal development, martial arts program. People have many reasons for their interest in our program. Some are drawn to the physical fitness and weight-loss aspects. Others seek to add discipline, confidence, self-esteem, concentration or self control to their children's lives or for themselves. While still others are concerned about safety and self-defense for their children, themselves or their whole family. No matter what the reason - adults and children alike see both mental and physical improvement while learning self-defense and having FUN !

Our program is steeped in tradition. While many "nontraditional" schools focus entirely on sport and competition, we balance this with values such as discipline, respect, integrity, and compassion. While many of our students do regularly compete at tournaments, to us, self improvement is more important than trophies.

Also, unlike other martial arts schools in our area, our curriculum is ALL INCLUSIVEn with no extra cost to learn skills such as Sparring, Weapons, or Self-defense!! Whatever you need to know, and even some extras, it's included in the price!

All our children's classes are divided by age and skill level. Very young children are separated from older kids, and adults have their own classes as well. We believe that in order to properly motivate and teach students of different age, attention span, and skill levels, our classes must be divided accordingly. This also helps eliminate any fears a new student may have about joining classes because the pace of beginner classes is geared to their skill level.

At Yi's Karate Cherry Hill our motto is, “Never Give Up.” In fact, we've devised a very unique reward system that encompasses our belt structure and dynamic curriculum to help keep students motivated. It teaches them how to set and achieve short and long-term goals, while rewarding them for progress. This makes reaching goals easier and more satisfying.

Next, we believe that in order to improve, students must get top-notch instruction. To make that happen, we have several professional instructors on duty at each class. This ensures that we have a very low student/teacher ratio in all of our classes. This is very important to any students ability to learn. The Instructors at Yi's Karate Cherry Hill have spent many years devoted to training in the arts of Tang Soo Do and Hapkido and have attained a certain level of expertise to qualify them as teachers and also mentors.

Combined the Yi's Karate Cherry Hill staff has OVER 150 years of experience!

Through extensive testing, certification and tournament level competition, our staff has attained mastery in this martial art and now enjoy sharing their skill and passing it on to their students.

Also, we realized a long time ago that the more fun students are having, the more they learn. After all, if it's not fun and enjoyable, why would a child, or adult, want to be involved in it? And if it's not safe and educational, why would a parent enroll their child in our program?

That's why we make our classes at Yi's Karate Cherry Hill as fun, safe and entertaining as possible.

Do you offer trial programs?    (top)
Yes! In order to be fair to all potential students Yi's Karate Cherry Hill offers trial programs. This gives you the opportunity to try out our school before you make any decisions or commitments.

How much will it cost after the trial program?    (top)
The main purpose of the trial program is to give a student the chance to make decisions about their goals, desires and commitment to the martial arts and our "one of a kind " program. Once the student finishes a trial program a consultation will be held to determine what would be the best course of action moving forward with their training. Since prices vary from program to program, the cost will be determined at that time depending on the program that best fits the student.

How often do students attend class?    (top)
With most students optimal progress is made by attending 2 classes per week. We do have programs that offer more classes per week, including unlimited classes in our "Black Belt Club", but two times per week is the general rule. An important fact here is that the type of program, and the amount of classes per week, are decided on an individual basis after a student completes a trial program.

What is your class schedule for Children?    (top)
Click here to view our Children's Weekly Class Schedule.

What is your class schedule for Adults?    (top)
Click here to view our Adult's Weekly Class Schedule.

Is one martial art better than any other? Which is best & how do I choose?    (top)
All martial arts styles offer great benefits to their students. No one stands out as better than the others, it is all a matter of personal preference and goals.

There are, however, differences between "traditional" and "non-traditional" styles. A traditional style is one that will develop both the physical and mental strengths in a student.(Confidence, Discipline, Self-Control, Self-Discipline, Etc.) Non-traditional styles tend to just work on just the physical attributes. Yi's Karate of Cherry Hill is a traditional martial arts school.

The most important component in finding a martial arts school is a place where you enjoy and feel comfortable about your training. A place where you can see yourself staying involved for years to come!

Yi's Karate Cherry Hill invites you to try out a class for yourself or your child. Or maybe stop in and talk to other students and/or parents.

We would like to earn your trust and to be the school you choose to guide you along the powerful journey of martial arts training!!

When can I or my child get started? Are there “sessions” and when do they begin?    (top)
Because of our unique personal method of introducing new students to our program, anyone can start at any time. During the first few weeks of classes new students are gently and carefully instructed in one on one sessions where they learn the basics and fundamentals. Once a student reaches a comfortable level (usually within the first 2 weeks) they are transitioned into the class with the rest of the students.

My child is already involved in other activities, can you convince us to add martial arts?    (top)
Training in the martial arts will be a lifetime benefit and can become a life long activity for your child! They will experience increased focus, concentration, and self confidence which will carry over into their school work and life.

Breaking down a long term goal and accomplishing it step-by-step is a valuable tool and a wonderful way to empower your child. The physical skills they learn will help give them an edge in any other sport in which they may participate. It is also a great tool in learning how to stand up for and defend themselves if ever faced with danger and may even save their life. Plus their increased confidence will assist them in resisting peer pressure!

Involving your child in martial arts will give them many tools to succeed in life!

Will enrolling my child in your program turn them into a bully or make them more aggressive?    (top)
NO, an important and basic part of martial arts training is learning self control and respect for others. Students are taught responsibility with their martial arts skills!

From the 1st class students are taught that they should ONLY use their skills if in an actual dangerous situation requiring them. With their training, children feel pride about themselves & their new skills. They walk a few inches taller after experiencing the inner strength developed with our program. With this inner pride and confidence, other kids tend to pick on or bother them less. If someone is teasing them or trying to start a fight, they learn to walk away and not bother with that person.

Not only will they not become a bully but they will become much less of a target for bullies!

Does an adult need to get in shape or lose those "extra pounds" before getting started?    (top)
No, not at all! Martial arts training can help you lose those pounds, get in shape and also be a very powerful part of your fitness plan! Every student is encouraged to work at their own level and with each class, as you gradually improve your physical condition, the stretching and exercises will become easier and noticeable progress will be seen. Also, working for and earning new belts is a very powerful tool to help you stay motivated and active in working toward very concrete and tangible goals. The belt ranking system can be the tool that works for you even if you have not been able to stick with traditional exercise programs in the past.

How do I get started?    (top)
Because of our unique personal method of introducing new students to our program, anyone can start at any time.

To set up an appointment for your first class you can contact us through E-Mail by clicking Here , use our Contact Form by clicking Here or call us at: 856-795-2400.