Our Program Will Help Your Child
Do Better At School And In Life!

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Wouldn’t your child learn more at school and get higher grades if they had better focus and concentration, more self-confidence and higher self-esteem, improved discipline and deeper respect, and were able to set and achieve goals?

These are some of the Life Skills your child will develop in our unique program. Tang Soo Do is a Traditional Korean Martial Art whose roots date back over 2,000 years. For centuries, Tang Soo Do has been arming people with the skills they need to live happy, successful, and peaceful lives.

So, how does learning to ‘kick and punch’ produce
so many benefits and develop these skills?

The cornerstone of this traditional martial art of Tang Soo Do is respect. With their first step onto the dojang (training studio) floor, our students salute the flags and bow to their instructors and fellow students. Our students address their instructors as “Sir” or Ma’am” and treat each other with traditional Korean courtesy. The behaviors learned in the dojang carry over into a more courteous, respectful attitude toward teachers, parents, acquaintances, and the world at large.

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Tang Soo Do training teaches progressive skills and goal setting! Our students learn physical and mental skills in increments and are rewarded incrementally. With our one of a kind program we educate our students about setting goals, both short and long term. As our students move through each new belt they are setting short term goals (the next belt) as they progress to black belt(a long term goal). Each color belt represents a stage of achievement on the path to black belt. Since the main goal for new martial arts students is becoming a black belt our program helps them learn to break that goal into this series of smaller, more ‘do-able’ goals. With each stage of accomplishment you see the students confidence and self esteem grow, and they develop a “YES, I CAN” attitude, which carries over into every area of their lives.

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As mentioned above, Tang Soo Do teaches ‘progressive skills’, with more advanced skills building on those previously learned and practiced. Besides the physical benefits of continuous practice and building of these skills, there are many mental benefits through one’s training in Tang Soo Do. When a student trains, their brain is getting as rigorous a workout as their body. First they must learn the skill. Then they have to make their body perform the skill. After this they refine the skill – this takes lots of practice. Finally, they should know the skill so well they can perform it without actively thinking about the skill. This is a tremendous way of helping students improve both their concentration and focus. With improvement in both of these skills they will be able to concentrate better on their school work and stay better focused on their teachers during classes! With these improvements grades are bound to improve!

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All of this ‘learning’ requires higher and higher degrees of focus and concentration. While these abilities are developed in the dojang, once acquired, the student carries and uses them in all areas of their lives.

Unlike most activities your child will participate in, Tang Soo Do will develop their whole being – Body, Mind, & Spirit!