Below you will find information on 2 eBooks that contain a treasure trove of useful advice, tips, info, facts, etc. that pertains to Women's Self-Defense, Awareness and Personal Safety! I have compiled these eBooks in order to give women access to knowledge that will empower them to live safer lives with greater peace of mind.

I hope that you find both of them useful and gain the knowledge to live a much safer life. I have kept the prices very reasonable so that they will be accessible to everyone!

At the bottom of the page you will find a brief bio about me to give you an idea of my background and experience.

Thank you,

Master Alex Lonabaugh

“Self Defense for Women:
Don’t Be another Statistic”

Women's Safety
The extremely informative eBook, “Self Defense for Women: Don’t Be another Statistic”, can give you and your female loved ones piece of mind when out in the world with practical advice that anyone can put into use immediately.

You Don’t Have To Be A Victim!

Self defense is about ending an attack against your person. Self defense is not about sparring and exchanging blows with another person. You see, the best self defense of all is to not put yourself in harm’s way. The second best self defense technique is to run. If neither of these options are available, you MUST know how to defend yourself to save your life.

There is tons and tons of information out there regarding self defense for women and how to make sure that no one gets the upper hand when trying to overcome you. In fact, having all that information, literally, at your fingertips can be confusing. The truth is there is really not one right way to defend yourself, the decision is a personal one and definitely depends on the situation.

Why Buy 10 Books When You Can Buy Just This One?

Doesn’t quite make sense, does it? There is so much information packed into the pages of this book, it could have been over a hundred pages, but it’s not. It’s easy to read and gets right to the point in just over 60 pages.
By ordering “Self Defense for Women: Don’t Be another Statistic” today, you’ll be able to learn about common sense self defense options you might have never thought about. Such options as:

*Using perfume as a deterrent
*How to make a car key a lethal weapon
*What to scream other than “Help!”
*Getting out of a car your attacker has cornered you in
*Talking yourself through an attack – and talking your attacker out of it


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"Women's Personal Safety &
Awareness Tips"

*With a Special Section On College Safety*cherry hill martial arts

Awareness is the biggest factor when it comes to personal safety and self-defense! The information in the eBook, “Women's Personal Safety & Awareness Tips” will give you and your female loved ones the information you need to make you aware and you can put into use immediately.

Awareness - Make It A Habit !

Awareness can be a lifesaver. It is very important to pay attention at all times to whatever is going on around you. It takes time to get used to being aware and some people feel they are being paranoid when they first begin practicing awareness. However, it is very important and with time it will become a natural habit.

The Information In This Book Is Essential !!

The fact is that women are attacked more often and more violently than any other group of people. That includes all races, ages, and demographic pigeonholes. Women are looked on as vulnerable and easy targets. That’s why the statistics are so high.

It’s time to bring those numbers down and empower women against violent attacks. With this e-book, you’ll find all sorts of information and, best of all, an answer to the question, It’s time to bring those numbers down and empower women against violent attacks. With this e-book, you’ll find all sorts of information and, best of all, an answer to the questions, “What should I do?” "What shouldn't I do?" and "What do I look for?

Inside the pages of this book, we’ve given you real life stories that illustrate the mistakes that some women who are victims of violence have made. We’ll address those mistakes and show you how to avoid them.

By ordering "Women's Personal Safety & Awareness Tips" today, you’ll be learn about how to be aware in all aspects of your life. Such options as:

*Awareness In The Home
*Awareness In Your Car
*Awareness On The Street
*Awareness In The Workplace


PLUS: A Special Section On College Safety !

College brings with it a unique set of circumstances when it comes to women’s self-defense. College women are more vulnerable than the typical woman because of all of these circumstances such as parties, clubbing, drinking, drugs and a multitude of social events that are unique to the college life. Also it is much easier for a stalker to learn a college woman’s routine and know where she will be and when.

According to a study done by “Ms Magazine” on sexual assault and rape, one out of every four college women polled admitted she was sexually assaulted during her four years at college.

So if you have a daughter, relative or friend either in college or about to go off to college this eBook is a MUST!!

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A Brief Biography of Master Lonabaugh

Master Alex Lonabaugh started his martial arts training with *Grandmaster Ki Yun Yi at the Yi’s Karate school in Woodbury, NJ in March of 1983. He achieved 1st degree Black Belt and began teaching in 1985.

In early 2000 he became the Chief Instructor for Yi's Karate of Cherry Hill. Master Lonabaugh successfully tested for 6th Degree Master In Tang Soo Do. His promotion was certified by the International Martial Arts Association and became effective as of June 1st 2009.

He has been recognized by Yi's Karate and the International Martial Arts Association as both Student of the Year and Instructor of the Year 2003 among other honors.

Master Lonabaugh also teaches women's and children’s self-defense classes for the Township of Cherry Hill and teaches women's self-defense classes at the “Annual Women's Health Conference” held by the County of Camden. He has also taught dozens of women;s self-defense seminars for women's organizations, churches, businesses and more!

ABC NEWS interviewed Master Lonabaugh about the incident involving the beating of pop star Rihanna
by her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

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