Progress Information

This is a brief outline of the requirements to achieve this promotion. A more detailed curriculum is available at our school.

Cho Dan - 1st Degree Black Belt

Hyung (form)
  • Previous Hyung plus Na Bo Jin Cho Dan (A)
  • Previous Hyung plus Pal Che Dae (C)

  • Weapon Hyung (form)
    • Bong Hyung Il Bu; Bong Hyung E Bu (A)(C)

      One Steps
      • Up to 22 Hand/Kick; 3 Step (A)
      • Up to 12 Hand/Kick; both sides (C)

      • Break - Single Board Speed Break(foot) plus Hand Break
        • Choice of the Examiner

        • Miscellaneous
          • 4 page essay - (see application)
          • Must attend a minimum of one evaluation and seminar. Must have competed in 6 tournaments since white belt.

          • Self-defense is Required!

            Terminology is Required!

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